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Albert's 'Ardware is one of those shops that you wish you had in your very own home town!

It is the kind of shop that your Grandad would have used. In fact, if your Grandad came from Watchet, it is very likely that his own Grandad used it - it has been here since 1835.

Albert's Ardware is one of those old fashioned shops that has everything.

Want some nails? Go to Albert's.

Need Dog food? Go to Albert's.

A Kettle? A lampshade? Timber? Tools? A gold necklace? Go to Albert's.

Imagine, if you can, a B&Q store, but with helpful and knowledgeable staff. Add in a bit of the Two Ronnie's Fork Handles sketch, stir well, and you will have a pretty good mental picture of Albert's 'Ardware.

It has just about everything you could ever need, a lot of things you haven't even thought of, and loads of things that you haven't seen for years and thought you would never be able to find again!

Come here for DIY, tools, gardening, key cutting, housewares, paint, decorating, pet supplies, watches & jewelry, advice, friendly service and very good prices.

Prepare to be amazed !

Contact Details

Address:-    37 Swain Street, Watchet, TA23 0AE

Contact:-     Tracey

Telephone:- 01984 631 055